Monday, August 1, 2016

Olympic National Park–Along the Coast

  The west coast of the peninsula from the Quinault Reservation in the south to the Makah Reservation at the northern tip - with three breaks for small pieces native land- is all part of Olympic NP.

  Most of the coastal beaches can only be accessed by hiking but the park loop road, just north of the Quinault Reservation, follows the coast for about 10 miles. This section has a number of trails down to the beach, several overlooks, and two campgrounds, Kalaloch and South Beach. We did not stay in either campground but we did stop at several of the overlooks. Very little is accessible.
  Farther north on the park loop road two spur roads dead end near the shore. Mora Campground, on Mora spur road, is nestled in lush rain forest but just a short drive away at Rialto Beach the scenery is totally different.  Wild winter storms throw smooth beach stones and huge driftwood logs far inland. A trail goes through the jumble of logs and down to the water. The trail is accessible for a very short distance. The campground has an accessible site that is near the restrooms.

  The spur road to Ozette Campground dead ends at Ozette Lake. Many people come to swim, boat and fish in the lake. A 9 mile loop trail that goes through the forest and to the ocean is very popular for backpacking. The trail is accessible for a very short distance. The campground does not have an accessible site but most sites are usable.
Kalaloch     47.61145, -124.37411         Mora     47.91831, -124.60933
 Ozette      48.15303, -124.6668


  1. We loved that trip last year. Now to get caught up on the rest of your blog... :)

    1. I had to go back and read about your Olympic trip again. It looks like we should have given South Beach a try. We drove in, looked at the RVs packed in and left.:-D You got some beautiful sunset photos!

    2. We did not know if we would like it at first, but quickly fell in love with it. Yes, you are packed in, but it becomes a "group thing", much like the rendezvouses you attend with the "Cheap RV Living" group but without the group dinners and meetings. Only group place we liked better was at Steward this year...scenery has its advantages.