Sunday, August 7, 2016

Olympic National Park-Lake Crescent

  Thousand of years ago glaciers carved out the deep valley that is now filled with the waters of Lake Crescent. A lack of nitrogen in the water inhibits the growth of algae so the lake appears to be bright blue.

    We camped at Fairholme Campground on the west end of Lake Crescent . The sites in this campground are not reservable and the campground is very popular so it may fill early in the afternoon. Most of the sites are short and many aren’t level. The accessible site is a wide and long back-in site close to the restroom and check-in board. It’s paved but not completely level.
   The Spruce Railroad Trail, which is wide and smooth with a very slight grade, can be accessed by making a right out of the campground and driving about 3 miles on Camp David Jr. Road. The road starts out paved but becomes hard packed dirt. It’s narrow with enough room to pass oncoming traffic with care. A paved handicapped spot is located at the access point. The road dead ends and there’s little room to turn around so I don’t recommend this road for long RVs.

  The Moments in Time Trail which starts at Lake Crescent Lodge is accessible with help. The trail is hard packed dirt and loops through old growth forest draped with moss – a great trail for a glimpse of rain forest foliage, huge trees and enormous stumps.

Campground  48.06829, -123.91636    Trail   48.06572, -123.86047

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