Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Olympic National Park-Hoh Rain Forest

     Over 12 feet of rain falls in Hoh Forest every year so the trees are draped in a greenery of moss, ferns, and air plants. Unfortunately the only trail that is accessible is very short and does not penetrate very far into the forest. The trail at Quinault is much better.

  The visitor center is mainly a ranger station with few exhibits. The parking lot, which fills at times, has long RV spaces. The drive from US 101 follows along the scenic Hoh River.

  On our way back to US 101 we cruised past the Hoh Campground which looked nice but busy because we wanted to stay at another DNR campground. Minnie Peterson Campground has nine, fairly flat, roomy sites with a lot vegetation for privacy and plenty of space between the sites. Although only one is designated as accessible most are usable.

   The previous night we camped at Hoh Oxbow Campground, a DNR campground, located right off of US 101. This is another small campground with only 8 sites. The accessible site isn’t level so we chose site 7 which is flat and very roomy. At least four of the sites, which are better suited for tents than RVs, have steps to the table and camping area.  One site, large and flat enough for RVs, has a great river view.  We’re loving these little DNR campgrounds. :- )

 Hoh Rain Forest   47.85962, -123.9345     
 Minnie Peterson CG  47.81841, -124.17492
Hoh Oxbow  CG   47.80984, -124.24962

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