Saturday, May 7, 2016

Old Dominion Historic Mine Park

  Old Dominion was the first cooper mine in the Globe/Miami mining district. It operated from 1880 to 1931 and, during the boom year of 1919, employed 1,400 people. Most of the buildings are gone but the concentrator tanks, the headframe and many pieces of old equipment are still on the grounds. The old roads are now walking trails and signs provide information about the mine and equipment.

  The Park Ave. Trail is hard packed, flat and accessible. Most of the signs along the trail can be easily read but some are off the trail and surrounded by loose gravel so it’s hard to get close enough to read them.  The other trails are steep and have sections that are washed out or have large, loose gravel. It’s possible to go on some of them with the help of a strong pusher.
The parking area is large enough for any RV.
Park    33.40915, -110.79176

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