Friday, May 27, 2016

Fairview Museum of History and Art

    Two buildings make up the museum. A glass fronted modern building houses a few history exhibits, the works of local artists. and a 95 % complete cast of a mamoth skeleton that was discovered in a nearby canyon. The other building is a 115 year old former school which also served as a studio for sculptor Dr. Avard T Fairbanks. Three of Fairbank’s sculptures are in the US Capitol. The museum inherited many of Fairbank’s large plaster casts which are on display in both buildings.

   Donated items used by the early settlers are exhibited in the school building. Large farm equipment and vehicles are located outside. We’ve found that many of these small town museum often lack written information but usually the volunteers and staff are very friendly and will attempt to answer any question. We really enjoyed talking with everyone here. :- )
    The newer building is accessible. The school building is accessible on the first floor. The second floor is accessed by steps only. The outside exhibits have paved walkways and are accessible.

  RVs will fit in the parking areas.
Museum    39.62939, -111.43731

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