Monday, May 16, 2016

Edge of the Cedars State Park

   Edge of the Cedars State Park protects the site of an 800 year old Puebloan ruin and also features a museum which serves as an archaeological repository for artifacts found on public land in southeast Utah. Ancient Puebloan dwellings are scattered over the four corners region and it’s not uncommon to find items that have been preserved in remarkable condition due to the dry climate. This museum has some of the best that we’ve seen including a tool kit rolled up in a juniper bark mat that is at least 1500 years old.

  The ruins has been partially excavated and a kiva can be entered by climbing down a ladder.

 The museum is accessible. One exhibit area is accessed by a long ramp. The trail to the ruins is paved and accessible. The kiva is not accessible.

The parking lot has room for any RV.
Museum   37.6313, -109.4894

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  1. Always wanted to check this place out! Thanks for the pictures!