Sunday, May 15, 2016

Dinosuar Museum

  We’ve visited a lot of dinosaur museums but these huge, extinct creatures that could eat us in one bite still hold a certain fascination. Even so the facts and figures are a bit dull at times. Not at this museum! It has all of the ordinary stuff plus some unusual things like 3 petrified Permian logs (only 6 exist) and a gigantic fossilized ammonite. And then some fun stuff - a 14’ tall feathered dinosaur model, a great collection of dinosaur movie posters and the original model of the brontosaurs used in the 1933 King Kong movie! One gallery has detailed exhibits about the dinosaur/bird debate.

   Everything is accessible.

  The parking lot is large enough for any RV.
Museum   37.61466, -109.48192

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