Friday, January 1, 2016

Sculptures of Galleta Meadows Estates

  This fantastic place is the result of a partnership between Dennis Avery, heir to a fortune from his father’s company which manufactured self-sticking, peel-off labels, and Ricardo Breceda, a construction worker who built a metal dinosaur for his daughter’s Christmas present and launched his career as an artist. Avery bought 3,000 acres of land around Borrego Springs and commissioned Breceda to built large sculptures. The sculptures range from the huge dragon to a scene depicting a vineyard with life size farm workers. The sculptures scattered all over the desert so driving is necessary, sometimes off of the pavement. It’s possible to get very close to the sculptures and 4 wheel drive is not needed.    Galleta      Sculpture Map
33.2854, -116.37422
 047 055

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