Thursday, November 14, 2013

Butler Institute of American Art

   A wonderful collection of American art spanning four centuries. Included are paintings by renown artists such as Rockwell, Homer, and Cassett. Galleries are arranged by era and cover all types of artwork.

  The museum is accessible. The curb cuts from the parking lot to the entrance have a slightly high lip.

  The parking lot is small. Vans and short RVs will fit backed in over the grass. The museum is located on the campus of YSU and parking in the area is very limited.  Museum
41.10547, -80.64585


  1. Came across this site the other day, handicappedtravelclubinc hope its useful.

  2. Thanks for thinking about me! I found the site several years ago and I keep visiting it hoping that there will be some useful information but so far nothing except for the handicapped RVs for sale section which I've passed along to other people. Many of the links are broken and the main activity seems to be lunch get togethers. I think that the original members don't travel much any more.

  3. Glad to see that you are enjoying traveling even in the cooler weather,where will you spend the winter?

  4. We're going to Florida again. I think that we''ll spend more time in the northern half this year unless it gets really cold. We'll be staying north until after Thanksgiving then slowly moving south - hope it doesn't snow!

    Have a good winter with your family!

    1. We are going to go home to Florida in January, perhaps we can get together sometime this year. We live north of Clearwater.

  5. We'd like that! We're planning on wandering around the state so I'm sure that we'll be in the Clearwater area at some point.I'll keep an eye on your blog and your travel schedule.