Thursday, December 1, 2011

Virginia Holocaust Museum

   This museum isn’t as high tech and polished as the Holocaust Museum in DC but the story it tells is just as powerful. A path leads visitors through the experiences of being segregated into ghettos, loaded onto cattle cars, sent to concentration camps and finally, for the fortunate survivors, liberation and resettlement. Due to the graphic native of some of the exhibits, it is not recommended for children under 11.

  Most of the museum is accessible. A few of the exhibits are a little too high to view easily.

  There’s a parking lot across the street from the museum which is large enough for vans. RVs can be parked in the lot on the opposite side of the flood wall. Follow the signs for the bus parking lot. The sidewalks and curb cuts are rough in some places. It may be easier to use the street.  Museum
37.53082, -77.42628

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