Monday, December 5, 2011

North Carolina Museum of History

   This is a very good museum, covering North Carolina’s history from the Native American tribes up to present times. Since it covers such a broad period, little is explored in depth but visitors are still given an idea of all of the factors that help shape the state.

  Most of the museum is accessible. Only a few of the exhibits are too high to view easily. One exhibit, a entire small house, has two sets of steps but no ramp to access the interior which contains artifacts and information about the former residents.

  Parking is very limited. A parking lot directly across the street, east of the museum, is available free of charge, on the weekends only. The entrance is a little tight. The exit is even tighter because of an overhang on the ticket booth so you may have to exit through the entrance lane. Large motorhome shouldn’t attempt to park in this lot but vans and small RVs should be fine.  The First Baptist Church,  one block west of the museum, has a small lot available during the week – $5.00 for all day. This lot isn’t suitable for large RVs either. There’s also on the street parking, one and two hour only, but most of it fills quickly. Click on the map to make it larger.  Museum
35.78127, -78.63848
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