Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jekyll Island Bike Path

   The bike path winds through moss draped trees, alongside salt marshes, into the historic district and along the beach. The section that we did on the north end of the island was very nice, wide, level and fairly smooth.
  Jekyll Island has a long and interesting history, much of it can be accessed from the bike path. Ruins from the first European settler are located right off of the path. Traveling along the side of the road for a short while is necessary if you want to continue to the historic section where the cottages are located from the era when the island was a millionaires’ private vacation club.
  The beaches on the north tip and the east side are hard enough to ride a bike or push a wheelchair along. Getting to the hard packed sand might be a problem.
  We didn’t have enough time to explore the whole island but we’ll definitely be coming back someday to see the rest. Jekyll Island is a state park but is managed by the Jekyll Island Authority who is responsible for development on the island which includes hotels and privates houses but also public things like the bike path and beaches. Fortunately 65% of the land must remain in a mostly natural state. ( no Hilton Head here!) There’s a $5.00 a day parking fee which is collected as you enter the island.                  Bike Path          Island History
31.1045, -81.41367


  1. When you are in the area, again, make reservations to take a ferry over to Cumberland Island. No cars allowed and a limited amount of people on the island at one time. Wild horses, turkeys, etc., and a beautiful, serene beach. Great day in our travels. We used to ride bikes completely around Jekyll. It got a little rough when we hit the wind on the ocean side. I agree. Great area.

  2. Thanks for the tip hobopals! I thought that Cumberland Island was just wilderness (tough in wheelchair)but I checked the website and it looks really cool. A trip over will be included on our next visit!