Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fort Pulaski National Monument

   Construction on Fort Pulaski began in 1829 as part of the federal government’s coastal fortification system. It was still incomplete in 1860 when the Confederate government seized it. The fort, with 7 1/2 ‘ walls, was considered unbreachable but the Confederates didn’t count on the Union’s new experimental rifled canons. The battle to regain control of the fort lasted 30 hours. A huge gap was opened in the wall and the Confederates were forced to surrender.

   The visitor center has a ramp and is fully accessible. The fort is semi accessible. Paved paths lead to the enclosed fort area but the ramp after the moot bridge is dangerously steep. Most wheelchair users will need to have some help. Paved paths make a complete circle around the inside perimeter of the fort. There are a few ramps to access some of the inner room but most of the furnished quarter rooms do not have ramps. The area around the exterior of the fort is uneven with thick grass making pushing along hard. A very nice paved trail at the far end of the parking lot leads to a view of the water and loops back to the parking lot. Take the 1/2 mile picnic area spur out and back for a longer trip.

  The parking area is large enough for any RV.  Fort
  32.02772, -80.89218

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