Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Confederate Museum

  More of a shrine than a museum - the one large room contains hundreds of Confederate Civil War relics. Each sliver of wood, tattered bit of flag, old uniform, shell fragment, or crumbling letter is carefully documented but little information is given about the war itself. The museum sits atop the city market which houses vendor stalls where you can purchase local crafts and food items.

  An elevator under the center arch accesses the museum. Carry your phone because you must call the museum. They operate the elevator from above. The museum is all accessible. The city market is accessible too but there are doors between the sections. Someone held every one opened for us so I’m not sure if they’re heavy.

  Parking is very limited in Charleston. It’s not a good place for navigating a large RV but if you don’t mind a one mile walk, free all day parking is available along the west side of Colonial Lake. Any size RV will fit. The sidewalks and curb cuts aren’t in very good condition so most wheelchair users will need to have some help.   Museum
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