Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Home Base


    Fulltime RVs chose one state over another as their home base for various reasons including reliable mail forwarding services ,no state income tax and simple residency requirements. Our home base is Pennsylvania which doesn’t meet most of the criteria but many of our friends and family live in Pennsylvania or nearby  so we are sure to past through at least once a year. Ideally we’d like to be here in September or early October but it hasn’t been working out that way. November is too cold!

  For the next month or so we’ll be pretty busy with doctors and dentists ,vehicle safety inspections, minor repairs and fix it projects and of course, visiting everyone!  All that won’t leave much time for sightseeing and museums so my posts will probably be very sporadic for awhile. 

  Our plans are to meander down to Florida after Thanksgiving and then head west as the weather warms. Thanks to all of you for reading and please check back! Smile


  1. Ours home base is currently Ohio, but what with the taxes and Kasich, THAT'S going to change quickly!

    Enjoy your travels....

    - Seraphim

  2. Sorry,I probably missed it over at Cheaprving but are you planning on fulltiming soon? If so, have you decided on a homebase? I think the best states are Florida ,South Dakota and Texas. I believe we'll eventually switch to either Florida or South Dakota. Texas is out because Canadian border guards have told us that RVs with Texas plates are subjected to thorough searches more often than RVs registered in other states. They always think that there are hidden guns. :)

    By the way your travel blog is great but it's not the one that comes up from the link in your name above.

  3. We have family in PA too, so will probably spend quite a bit of time there also.
    Your blog is very informative and helpful! I like how you review the parking situation everywhere you go :)

  4. Hi Tracy -thanks for reading! I'm glad that you're finding it helpful.