Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Centennial Trail - Getchell Trailhead

  The trail starts at the town of Snohomish and runs 30.5 miles to the border of Skagit County with numerous parking lots along the way. Since we were staying at the Tulalip Casino we parked at the Getchell Trailhead which is large enough for RVs.

   We walked/rolled south for about 3 miles before turning around. The trail is wide and in very good condition. The section that we did travels through a corridor of trees so it’s not very scenic but we did see a deer, a young bald eagle, scat with fruit pits, and scat with fur most likely from black bear and fox. A short, accessible, paved trail and boardwalk at Lake Cassidy leads to a nice view of the water.  Trail  48.07158, -122.10083