Saturday, February 16, 2019

Cibola National Wildlife Refuge

   The refuge was established in 1964 to provide habitat for migratory and local birds. Over hundred species of birds have been recorded on the refuge in addition to many small mammals and reptiles. The refuge covers 18,500 acres and includes a 3 mile driving loop, a road that dead ends at an overlook, a small visitor center, and two short walking trails.

   The visitor center is accessible. The short trail at the visitor center is very rocky and not accessible. The binocular scope at the overlook is too high to be from a seated position. The nature trail along the loop road is gravel and hard packed dirt. It’s accessible but assistance may be necessary. The cutouts in the boards forming a blind at the overlook are a little too high but it’s possible to peek through the boards to see the pond. We did not drive to the end of the dead end road.

   The roads and parking lots are large enough for any RV.

  A large area of BLM land is located almost directly across from the refuge. The first 1000’ is state trust land which requires a permit so go in a little way to hit BLM property. The terrain has formed little plateaus with gullies between them so each makes a semi-private little campsite large enough for any RV.  Refuge  33.36355, -114.66912



  1. NWR's are so cool. Always enjoy visiting them and seeing what they have to offer.

    1. Yes, they are. We like visiting them because we always find level trails and roads for walking and rolling. We accidentally broke a rule on this one. Everyone is supposed to stay in their vehicles except for the trails. We didn't notice that until we were st the halfway point on the three mile loop road. Oops!