Saturday, January 5, 2019

Crawford's RV Park


   Boondocking out on the desert is what Quartzsite is all about for thousands of people who are escaping the cold and snow of the northern US and Canada but there are also a bunch of RV parks on either side of the interstate. We’ve gone to Crawford’s several times in the past to dump our waste water because it’s a bit cheaper than other local places and there’s never a wait in line. The park doesn’t have a dump station so just pull into an empty site for dumping and water fill.

  We decided to stay overnight to top our batteries off because we’ll be boondocking for days and our solar panels do not quite do the job when we’re depending on the winter sun. The park has some permanent residences around the edges but most of the spaces are for snowbirds. Short stays are given the sites closest to the highway. We were charged a discounted rate - maybe because we were only staying one night or maybe because our RV is small.

  The park is bare bones with gravel sites, restrooms, showers, and a laundry room. It’s very convenient to all of the businesses along Main Street. The gravel makes rolling around in the park very difficult but the sidewalks and curb cuts on Main Street are in good condition.  Park  33.66664, -114.21185



  1. How much was the discounted rate?

    1. $20.00. Most of the parks in Quartzsite are in the 30 - 40 dollar range. I think Crawford's is $28.00 but the woman checking us in said "I'll just charge you 20". They don't have a website and the price may fluctuate depending on the time of year.