Sunday, December 9, 2018

Giant Statues at Sparky's Burgers


  Teako Nunn’s collection of large fiberglass statues started with a muffler man that he bought on eBay to stand in front of his RV dealership. Then he and his wife, Josie, opened a restaurant and they added more statues to the collection, positioning them on the roof of the restaurant, on the sidewalk, and across the street – everything from Uncle San to a big pink pig!


   Are the burgers world famous? Unfortunately we had just eaten lunch when we stopped to check out the statues but the restaurant gets good reviews for it’s green chili cheeseburgers and it sure did smell good!

  RVs can be parked on the street or in the parking lot behind the statues.  Statues  32.66563, -107.15328

new mexico1[5]


  1. Ohmygosh -- kwazy roadside attraction!

  2. Sparky's Burgers got my attention! I'm always willing to try a different hamburger place!! Unless I just ate...

    One day I stopped at the Horseshoe cafe in Benson, AZ, it was right there after I bought diesel (I was in a van then) and stopped for lunch.
    Had their "signature" burger, wow was that good! It came with a think slab of cream cheese & sliced jalapenos peppers... I'll go back someday to try it again.
    Not sure if I could have parked if I was in an RV..

  3. To me Sparkys was much better than their reputation.

    1. Good to know! We discussed eating again even though we were full because it smelled so good. :-D

  4. Karen, you might want to check the link on latitude/longitude. Statues link came up fine, but the other was a problem.
    You are so close, but so far. Have to connect on the road again next year!