Sunday, November 4, 2018

Route 66 Boondocking


  One of the best sections of Historic Route 66 starts about 5 miles west of Ash Fork, Arizona and continues for 170 miles all the way to Topock, Arizona. We wanted a place to spend the night and found a good spot listed on freecampsites. A dirt road that makes a mile long loop off of Route 66 has a nice boondocking site with a large, fairly flat area, trees, and a rock firepit.

  There are also couple of boondocking spots along Route 66 if you don’t want to drive on the dirt road. One is just a large pull off. The other is a short loop with some trees to screen it from the road. This may be Arizona State Trust Land which requires a permit for any use by the public. Camp  35.27858, -112.69311

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