Thursday, November 8, 2018

Lovell Canyon Boondocking


   We drove about four miles up Lovell Canyon Road and found a great camping spot on a little dirt loop right off the road. I was curious about the well maintained, paved road that continued up the canyon because it’s usual to find such a good road seemingly heading into wilderness. A quick look on Google maps explained it all. The pavement ends at Torino Ranch, a beautiful resort with a swimming pool, a lake, organic fruit trees, cabins, and a campground, however, this is not an ordinary resort. It was built by Brett Torino, a Las Vegas real estate  developer, who provides free camp visits for sick and special needs children. All multi-millionaires should be this generous.

  There are many opportunities to camp along Lovell Canyon Road from small pull offs and large clearings to dirt roads leading to more secluded spots. On a Friday night most of the places close to Route 160 were filled. The loop where we camped is not quite level but large enough for any RV. Canyon  36.07252, -115.56241



  1. Another new place for us! Looks promising -- thanks!

    1. Very good boondocking with many choices of sites and great scenery!