Friday, August 10, 2018

Presque Isle Downs Casino


   Easy access from I-90 and the close location to Erie, PA makes this casino a good spot to overnight if you want to visit the city or are just passing through. The RV is lot is large enough for any RV and trucks are prohibited. Some truck drivers ignore the signs but since the lot is large it’s possible to park away from any noise. Follow the casino road and turn into the lot on the right just before the bridge.

  The lot is fairly far away but shuttles come through on a regular basis. Some are accessible. There’s a sidewalk on the bridge but after that the only place to walk is on the road which is pretty steep. Parking in the lot on the other side of the bridge may be okay, however the walk from there (if you park in the less desirable spots farther away from the casino entrance) to the casino is also uphill. The casino is accessible.  Casino  42.06624, -80.03389



  1. Ok, either I missed it...or you did not say...what type of camera did you get? Do you like it?? Do you think if I took my camera apart Marcia would let me buy a new one too???? :)

    1. I bought a PowerShot SX60 HS. The one I broke was a SX50. I liked it and wanted a similar one to make the learning curve easier - not that I ever figured out how to do everything on the SX50 -lol.

      I wanted a through the lens viewfinder, a long zoom, and a view finder screen that swiveled because I can't always look through the viewfinder or get in the position for the shot that I want so sometimes I hold the camera far away from my body.

      I like the new camera. It has a bunch of stuff that I don't use like video and blue tooth. I really should watch some videos so that I know how to use all of the functions.

      Yeah, take your camera apart. It's fun! And it's really easy to screw it up. Then you'll have to get a new one! :-D