Sunday, May 27, 2018

Walmart Museum

   The museum is housed in Sam Walton’s second store which he opened in Bentonville in 1950 after losing the lease on the first one in Newport, Arkansas. Both stores were Ben Franklin franchises. By 1962 he and his brother Bud owned 16 stores and had branched out into independent ownership. Walmart Inc. now has almost 12,000 stores worldwide.

  The museums traces the history of Walmart through Sam Walton’s life and his business model of opening stores in small towns within a days drive of his regional warehouses, allowing him to purchase items in large volume and sell them at discounted prices.
  I couldn’t resist adding to the Sam Walton legacy wall. ;- )
   The museum is accessible. There are two double door entrances. One has a sloping sidewalk but the other is fairly flat.

  Parking is available on the street however you may have to park several blocks away. The sidewalks and curb cuts are in good condition.  Museum  36.37267, -94.20887


  1. I would have said something like, "Now you can wear anything to a store to shop in" (or in some cases, wear nearly nothing)

    1. I'll sure my sticky note won't last long. Your's would probably get taken down too! :-D

  2. You put that sticker on the board? hahaha!
    12,000 stores worldwide. Wal-Mart used to sell only USA-made stuff. My how that's changed!

    1. All of the other notes were positive so I'm pretty sure they censor the comments. :-D

      Even though Sam Walton pinched every penny he seemed like a decent guy - too bad the kids aren't!