Friday, May 18, 2018

Riverview Park Campground

   Corp of Engineer campgrounds are located on both sides of the Arkansas River. Riverview Park, pictured above, is a favorite with people wishing to fish because the river bank is low and it’s easy to access the shore. The sites are lined up in a row and each parking pad is shared by two sites. Some of the campers appear to be long term so the rules may be stretched a little. Old Post Campground on the east side of the river has standard layout with more amenities and is a better choice if you just want to camp. Due to a heatwave we were mostly interested in the afternoon shade at Riverview.
  Odor Warning!  A rendering plant that uses discarded chicken bits and pieces to make pet food is located about 2.5 miles east and if the wind is blowing right it really stinks.

None of the sites are marked as accessible but all are usable.  Riverview  35.24293, -93.16967


  1. Nice ... except that rendering plant. Pee-yew!

    1. It seems to be worse at night and we sleep with our windows opened. gag!