Friday, May 25, 2018

Museum of Native American History


   David Bogel, who is a member of the Cherokee Nation and was raised in Bentonville, founded the museum to hold his personal collection of  Native American artifacts. In 2015 Jim and Nancy Blair donated their collection of Meso-American items. A special collection on loan contains artifacts from the Taino people, the first Americans that Columbus encountered. 60 years after that first meeting most of the Taino were dead from disease.

  All of the artifacts are carefully displayed and arranged in chorological order starting from 12,000 BC. There isn’t a lot historic information but tribe that made each item, the time period when it was made, and where it was discovered are noted. The collection contains many unique and rare items. We were amazed at the quality and diversity of the collections in this museum. It’s not to be missed if you enjoy Native American artwork!

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   The museum is accessible. The entrance doors are massive but are fairly easy to open.

  RVs will fit in the lot if backed up over the grass. Museum  36.37119, -94.23074



  1. This will definitely be on our list when we head into Arkansas. Thanks for posting!

    1. The quality of the artifacts from Arkansas is very impressive. You'll enjoy the museum!