Monday, May 21, 2018

Hickory Creek Park Campground–COE


  This is what happens when you don’t make reservations for a campsite but just show up on Friday afternoon. We were lucky to get the only open site # 36. It’s so bad that nobody wants it even though it is reservable. :-D  I could not get out because the parking pad is really narrow and forget about navigating the hill down to the table.

  The rest of the campground is pretty nice with a good number of waterfront sites. Most are close together but a few of them are real gems – large and fairly private. Site 30 is especially nice.


    Sites 19 is designated as accessible but we did not check it out.  Campground   36.23788, -94.03811



  1. I dislike making reservations because half the time we don't plan where we'll be next ... and then you can end up with a site like yours. Oh well, if it's only for one night ....

    1. Yeah, reservations are so restrictive so we only make them if we absolutely have to. The freedom is worth a bad site every now and then.