Thursday, April 5, 2018



  Paved paths wind through riverside parks then up a hill to the bluff where the path continues on neighborhood sidewalks before traveling along the edge of the bluff and back down to the city. Roundtrip is about 3 miles.


  RVs will fit in the lot if  backed up over the grass or parked lengthwise across the spaces. For a longer walk follow the sidewalk and paths a mile farther north to the Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid. It’s okay to stay overnight in the east side parking lot but be aware that the lot is sloped and it’s a noisy location because it’s under an I-40 interchange.


The paths and sidewalks in the park and along the bluff are wide, smooth, and accessible but most wheelchair users will need assistance to complete the loop due to steep sections. Riverwalk  35.13664, -90.06248



  1. I've been in that Pyramid a time or two to watch the Memphis Grizzles play either the Sacramento Kings or the Utah Jazz...before the new stadium was built (and I have been there too), but have never been in it since it became a Bass Pro Shop. And HOW could anyone sleep under I-40...seems there are trucks going along I-40 all day and night.

    1. We did! The noise is so steady that you can kind of trick yourself into believing it's just like the listening to the ocean surf. Fortunately it's been cool enough to keep everything closed up tight - don't know if we would be able to stay in warmer weather. And definitely don't try it in the west side parking lot. Expansion joints - thumpa,tumpa,tumpa. :-D

  2. Rob here , still heading east. Not sure when we'll get to Memphis.