Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sam Olden Museum


  Two flights of steps to the second floor museum were too big of an obstacle for us, although the sweet woman who is the building administrator told us that she is attempting to get funding for an elevator. Yazoo City is a small rural town with few industries, a declining population, and a low wage base so an elevator may be a long time coming.

   The rest of our day was equally unproductive. Two small museums in Belzoni, about 20 miles north of Yazoo City, were both closed. The boardwalk at Sky Lake WMA was underwater and closed.  Our last stop at Wister Gardens proved to be very short as the garden is small. Some days are just like this however we have no complaints - lots of sunshine, warm temperatures, and spending the day riding down country roads – wonderful!

 Museum  32.84974, -90.41141



  1. Ending the day with a smile on your face makes it a good day!

    1. Yes, and almost everyday ends that way. Happy campers! :-)