Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Nashville Fairgrounds RV Park


   An overpriced ($35.00!) space on blacktop is never our first camping choice but it was the best option to dump our waste tanks, fill the fresh water, and give our batteries some extra charge. The nearest truck stop dumpsite is over 20 west west of Nashville, the Corp of Engineers campgrounds (which we always love) don’t open until April or May, and the private campgrounds average $80.00 a night so the fairgrounds won out.

  The sites are full hookup and located in two lots, one on Walsh Road and on Smith Ave. We stayed at the one on Walsh. No one comes around to collect the fee and there isn’t any information about the office location so you have to call for directions.

The spaces are all back in and are not very long so tow and towed vehicles must be unhooked and parked on the opposite side of the lot.  Fairgrounds  36.13168, -86.76413



  1. Oh yeah, no thanks to overpriced parking lots! But, sometimes you gotta bite the bullet. At least you got your tanks emptied and filled! :-)

    1. Gotta do what you gotta do. :-D Nashville is booming and I guess the tourist industry is doing well too but $35.00 seems way too high.