Sunday, February 11, 2018

San Marcos de Apalache Historic State Park


   In 1577, the Spanish built a fort at San Marcos De Apalache to protect trade routes and Spain’s claim to Florida. Located along a remote section of the Florida coast, the settlement provided easy access to the interior of Florida, the Spanish missions, and fertile farm land.  Although San Marcos was never a large or important site it was involved in conflicts between the Spanish, English, French, Indians, and Americans as they all sought control of the area. After Florida became a state it was occupied by Confederate soldiers who held it for four years.

  The park has a small visitor center with exhibits and a short video. Signs along a self guided interpretive trail point out  remnants of foundations and other evidence of the various occupations.



  The visitor center is accessible. A very short section of the trail is paved and accessible. The rest of it is dirt with steep hills and many roots.


  The parking lot is shared with a boat ramp parking lot and is roomy enough for any RV.  Park  30.15214, -84.20977



  1. You're in our old stompin' grounds now -- when we lived in Tallahassee (2002-2008), we often biked down to this park on the St Marks bike trail, as well as kayaking the Wakulla and St Marks Rivers. Lots of fun times there.

    1. We haven't spent enough time in the panhandle - looks like a great place to enjoy nature. :-)