Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Parking and Ferry to New Orleans


  The last time (2014 Post) we visited New Orleans we parked at Algiers Point and took the ferry across the Mississippi to New Orleans. That worked so well that we did the same thing again except this time we asked the man collecting the parking fee if we could stay overnight. Yes! The fee is $5.00 on weekdays and $10.00 on weekends for 1-24 hours.

   We stayed for two nights and found it to be a quiet, peaceful place. People who want to experience New Orleans's nightlife will have to cut their time short, though, because the last ferry leaves the city at 9:45pm on weekdays and 11:45pm on weekends. Check the schedule.


  The neighborhood is residential with cute little houses built in the late 19th century. There are a few places to eat and a 2 mile paved trail on the levee. The lot has a porta potty and trash can.

  I do not recommend this lot for large RVs or if you are towing  The streets are very narrow and often have cars parked on both sides. Low hanging live oak branches stretch over some of the streets.

Ferry   29.95387, -90.05466



  1. Nice to know about the RV parking, thanks!

    1. Just be careful with your route. We barely fit on some of the streets.