Sunday, January 14, 2018

Five Days of Disney

  We’re taking a break! We visited all four parks, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. Hollywood Studios is the only park that we finished in one day. We spent two days at Animal Kingdom and will go back to Magic Kingdom and Epcot this week.  We’re on a really relaxed schedule - get up around 7:30, eat breakfast, drive to the parking lot of whichever park we’re visiting, take showers, eat an early lunch and then finally go into the park. We take a break at dinnertime and eat in the RV before going back to see the evening shows. It’s a slow time of year and most of the attractions have a wait of 10 minutes or less.
IMG_8847 (1)IMG_8866
  We have not used any FastPasses which allow visitors to reserve a time to see some of the more popular attractions, bypassing a long wait in line. The thrill rides get the longest lines so getting a FastPass is a good idea. These rides require a transfer from a wheelchair and since I tend to slide around during the rides (which is kind of scary) we don’t go on them.

    I think if you’re determined and focused you can see most of Disney in four or five days but because of the way Disney discounts the tickets as more days are purchased it was hard for us to pass on the 10 day bargain. Five days costs $370.00 per person but adding five more days is only an additional $70.00 per person!

  The parking and accessibility information from our 2011 visit is accurate. The main change is that now visitors in wheelchairs must get in line with everyone else. So many people were taking advantage of the quicker wheelchair lines that it was causing a problem. I’m glad they made this change because it never seemed fair to skip the lines. Some of the rides still have special lines because of the need for easier wheelchair access.  Visitors who can not sit in one spot for a long time because of physical problems or can not handle crowds and small spaces may get a special pass that gives them a return time comparable to the line wait time.  Disney World   28.40876, -81.58172


  1. I'M glad you are enjoying Disney. It is a special place. When we worked there we met thousands of folks having a wonderful time. Not thinking of work, world problems, politics, just having a great time. It made for a wonderful time. We found out why it called "the happiest place on earth". Enjoy,enjoy. Safe travels.

    1. Everyone working at Disney is so nice we figured they must be getting paid very well but I looked it up today and they're not! They all deserve raises!

      It sounds like you enjoyed the experience though. Would you give Disney a thumbs up as far as working there?

  2. Oh, how nice for you guys to take a relaxed trip around WDW. We've spent many a day at both WDW and Disneyland and love visiting both parks. Taking the motor home in makes it easy to "eat at home" and still go back and forth inside the park. Love it!

    1. It has been nice taking our time instead of getting exhausted trying to fit everything in.