Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Royal British Columbia Museum


  Two floors of the museum are filled with very good exhibits covering the natural and human history of British Columbia.  The First Nations argillite carvings and huge totem poles are wonderful.



IMG_5695  The upper level of the “Old Town” exhibit, a small section of the early settler exhibit, and the ship, “Discovery”, are accessed by steps only so I was given a 15% discount. The rest of the museum is accessible but the floors in the farm and town exhibits which are made to resemble dirt and brick are rough, lumpy and a little hard to rolling along.


       IMG_5666 IMG_5662

  Parking is limited in Victoria especially for RVs. We parked in the southern most lot on Wharf Street. It’s the only lot on Wharf Street where parking of RVs is permitted - $15.00 for 24 hours. The road up to the sidewalk is very steep.  Museum  48.41997, -123.36732


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