Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Science Center & Natural History Museum (Balboa Park)

  Neither museum is very big and they’re close together so it’s easy to see both in the same visit.

  The Reuben H. Fleet Science Center features many hands-on exhibits suitable for older kids and adults. There’s also a section just for kids under 5.

  Most of the museum is accessible but some of the hands-on exhibits can not be used from a seated position.

  The San Diego Natural History Museum exhibits cover the animals and plant life of southern California plus dinosaurs and fossils displays. I liked the format of the exhibit signs which encourage deductive reasoning.


  There are two accessible entrances to the museum. One has a push button door, the other has a call button and a pull door that is unlocked remotely. A small section on the four floor is accessed by a keyed lift which requires the assistance of museum personnel. The exhibits are accessible.

The parking lots near the museums may fill but the large lots on the east side of Park Blvd and the zoo lot are a good spots for RV parking. The sidewalks and curb cuts are in fairly good condition.

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  1. Thanks for all the great information on your site, Karen and Tony. My husband and I travel a few months a year in our wheelchair accessible motor home. It is very helpful for us to learn about and be able to see accessible camping spots. We have a Class A, 32' RV with a lift, so it can get tricky! We tow a wheelchair accessible van to boot!

    A couple of things. After owning a trailer with a lift for many years, we went to a Class A motorhome, which created new challenges and eliminated some as well. We wanted a preowned "rig," and after using the sites you suggested, trying to get RV dealer to modify, etc. we ended up finding Criagslist to be a good source for finding accessible RVs. It takes work, but there are actually quite a few RVs out there.

    My husband, Tony, is the wheelchair user and often uses the campground restrooms and showers so we'd be happy to share our information on accesssibility at numerous campgrounds, mostly in the West.

    Thank you again! Katherine