Thursday, March 30, 2017

Arizona Renaissance Festival

  The Arizona Renaissance Festival, which has been a yearly event for 28 years, is held every weekend in February and March. It covers 30 acres and has 200 vendors, 13 stages and over 2000 participants. Everything is very well done with excellent attention to detail and workmanship on the buildings, stages, and human powered kid’s rides.

  Traffic causes a major backup along US 60 so arrive early. The crowds are large but there’s enough room so that it doesn’t seem cramped. Make sure to grab a map. Even with the map the festival layout is still confusing. Show seating fills up fast and it’s necessary to find a seat 1/2 hour before the popular shows start. We enjoyed the five shows that we managed to see - a combination of magic, acrobatics, juggling, slap stick, and corny humor. Even though we stayed about five hours we missed a lot and didn’t get a chance to try any of the food like bacon wrapped pork loin skewers :-P. We also wanted to watch the jousting but you really have to get there early to get a seat!



   The grounds are hard packed sandy dirt. Rolling around is easy but the area is large  and wheelchair users will get a workout. No accommodations are made for wheelchairs at the shows so wheelchair users must sit in the aisles.

  RV and oversized vehicle parking is close to the festival entrance.

Festival  33.32132, -111.43026

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