Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sawtooth Canyon Campground

  Surrounded by a ring of rugged, rocky hills, this campground feels isolated but it’s only a mile away from a paved state highway.  Camping is free and the sites have tables on concrete pads with shade shelters, fire pits and grills.

The concrete pads are not flush to the ground so the tables are not accessible. The ground is covered with gravel which makes rolling around a bit difficult.

The sites are large enough for any RV. The three sites in the photo above are close together but most of the others have more space between them. The dirt access road is a little rough and has one dip that will become a mud hole in rainy weather but should be fine for any RV in dry weather. Campground   34.670395, -116.98423



  1. Looks like you are managing to stay away from the flooding - stay safe!

    1. Fortunately the predictions were worse than the storm. The bad flooding and wind hit mostly in LA and inland just got a steady rain.