Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Mt Hood NF Dispersed Camping

  Several good boondocking spots are located along this short segment of the original Mount Hood Loop Highway. The one where we stayed, pictured above, is a long gravel spur leading to a logged out area carpeted with huckleberry bushes. The Warm Springs tribes request that visitors not pick the berries as this is a tradition berry picking area for them.

   To get to this spot – from the intersection of US 26 and Highway 35, drive northeast on Highway 35 for 7.8 miles. Make a left turn at the sign for Elk Meadows Trailhead then turn left onto the original road. A dirt road on the right goes into the forest a short way before it dead ends. It looks like there may have been a small campground here at one time.  There are about five camping spots that are large enough for small RVs or vans. A barely legible sign bars trailers and vehicles over 21’. To get to the long spur continue on the loop highway for .2 of a mile. Spur is on the left.

  Several trail start near here and the Sahale Falls can be viewed from the road. A very nice view of Hood River Meadow with Mt Hood in the background can also be seen from the road.

Forest    45.3208, -121.63433


  1. What a lovely place to park, but our Tergel is 26', so I guess we couldn't get in. Be hard to see huckleberries and NOT pick them! :-)

    1. You will fit in the long spur and probably in the small abandoned campground but walk in first. If someone is in the last site where the road dead ends you won't have room to turn around.

      The berries aren't in season yet so we weren't tempted! :-D