Saturday, July 2, 2016

FR 960 Dispersed Camping

  The skinny, scraggly, lodge pole pines don’t make a pretty forest but this is still a good boondocking site especially if you’re planning to go to Crater Lake or are leaving Crater Lake.  FR 960 dead ends at a volcanic outcropping so there’s very little traffic. Trees had toppled onto the road over the winter but somebody had cut them to provide a open path. I don’t think it was the forest service because only what was necessary had been cut and the trees were not moved all the way off of the road.

  This site is large enough for most RVs. It makes a loop for an easy exit but there’s one tight spot between the trees on the way in. The sites at the end of the road are large however it’s a bit barren near the outcropping.

   FR 960 is about 2.3 miles east of Crater Lake South Entrance Road on the north side of Route 138. FR 960 is dirt and about 3/4 mile in length.
Forest    43.09312, -122.07191


  1. I bet it's nice and cool up there, too, especially at night. :-)