Friday, July 1, 2016

Crater Lake National Park

  Crater Lake is gorgeous! The deep blue color is a result of depth of the lake (at 1,943’ it’s the deepest lake in the US) and the purity of the water. A 33 mile road encircles the lake with more than 30 pullouts and overlooks. We were a little early in the season so the road was not completely opened but the weather was beautiful despite little heaps of unmelted snow.
  The visitor centers are really small and not much more than bookstores so read the brochures and signs along the trails and overlooks for information. A short film is shown at the Steel Visitor Center.

  The visitor centers are accessible but the theater is a little cramped.  Crater Lake Lodge is accessible and has a small exhibit about the history of the building. Most of the overlooks are accessible and many of the views can be seen without leaving your vehicle. There are few trails in the park and most are not accessible. The paved walkway at Rim Village is about 1/2 mile long and accessible. Godfrey Glen Trail, 1 mile long, is considered accessible but the last section is fairly steep with switchbacks. Most wheelchair users will need to have help and should consider turning around before the trail starts heading downhill. Sections of three trails on the part of the road that was closed may be accessible. More information Here.
   We camped at Manzama campground in a regular site. We saw one accessible site that has a table with an extended top but a narrow parking pad and no other accessible provisions. Many of the other sites are better.

  The parking lots at the Steel Visitor Center and Rim Village have long RV spaces. Most of the overlook lots are large enough for RVs.
Park    42.91091, -122.14806


  1. With that deep cobalt blue color, your pictures of the lake are gorgeous! The only time we were there, the sky was gray; consequently, so was the lake. Oh well, I enjoyed seeing your pics today!

    1. Thank you! The weather has been beautiful. A little hot in the sun down in the low lands so we head for the shade at times.