Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Bradford Island Visitors Center-Bonneville Dam

  The Bonneville Dam was built during the depression years of 1934 to 1938 as part of a Public Works Administration project to provide electric power and make river navigation easier. The navigation lock was the largest single-lift lock in the world but it’s no longer in use since a much larger lock was built in 1993 on the Oregon side of the river.
  The visitor center has exhibits about the river and the dam. There’s also an rooftop observation deck and a theater. The fish ladder can be viewed from the outside or through glass windows on the inside. A guided tour of the powerhouse (which we didn’t take) is offered three times a day in the summer.

    The visitor center is accessible.

    The parking lot has long RV spaces.
    Dam    45.64112, -121.94223

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