Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sandy Valley Road Boondocking

  This beautiful, peaceful boondocking spot is less than 35 miles from the crowds and noise of Las Vegas. It’s located in a flat valley with Joshua trees and mountains in all directions. Head west on Route 160 and look for the left turn onto Spring Valley Road about 5 miles past the little town of Mountain Springs.  Spring Valley Road is a well maintained, although a bit bumpy, gravel road suitable for any RV. Boondocking spots are located along the road almost as soon as you turn off of Route 160 but some of them have been used as dumping grounds. We drove in about a mile before turning left again into a little loop with about 4 or 5 good camping spots.

  There are signs of ATV usage and target practice so this area may be busy on weekends. We had it all to ourselves on a Wednesday night but mid-morning a couple of guys came to target practice, shooting into the hills  at the base of the mountains.  They left after a hour or so and all was quiet again. Boondock
35.9935, -115.60662


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    1. Very peaceful! We would stay there again.

  2. Good to know a place close to town if you need to do shopping in the big city. I went to Las Vegas twice when I was camped near Pahrump. I spent quite a while around pahrump and liked it. Mount Charleston is impressive.

    1. There's more to see and do out in the desert than most people realize. Glad you had a good time!