Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Pahrump, Nevada Boondocking

  Pahrump is a small desert town surrounded by BLM land. Mild winters and easy access to services makes it a popular spot for boondockers but a tolerant attitude towards living on public land has resulted in a number decrepit RVs and shelters cobbled together from scrap material serving as semi permanent dwellings. There’s also a disturbing amount of trash thrown in the washes. However by just driving a mile or so from the center of town it’s possible to boondock on pristine desert land overlooking the town with mountain views in all directions. The easiest way to access the BLM land is to drive east on Basin Ave. The pavement ends at a four way intersection. Everything east of Justin Lane is BLM land and opened to 14 days of dispersed camping.
BLM     36.21514, -115.95841

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