Friday, March 25, 2016

Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge

  Ash and Crystal springs, located north of the refuge, form an oasis in the desert and supply the water for two small lakes, marshes, and wetlands. This is an important migration stop for waterfowl. Our visit was a little too early in the year and we saw very few birds.

  A visitor center is located a few miles south of the campground. Trails circle the lake, travel through the marsh, and go to the visitor center. The visitor center has RV parking spaces.
  Fourteen free campsites are strung along the shore of the upper lake. Some sites are large enough for any RV. It’s a very pretty spot but there’s a little highway noise from US 93 which parallels the campground road. US 93 is elevated above the lake and campground road so it’s not super intrusive.

  Three accessible sites are located at the end of the campground road. Only one site is wheelchair accessible with a paved sidewalk that has a wide section for lift deployment and a path to an accessible table and a grill. The grill is facing in the wrong direction which would make using it awkward.
  The visitor center is accessible. A short trail at the visitor center is accessible. None of the other trails are accessible but there is a very short paved trail from the accessible site that travels along the levee. We also were able to go a short distance on the emergency exit road, located directly across from the accessible site, before it became too difficult due to loose gravel.
           Refuge     37.2872, -115.11871

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