Monday, March 14, 2016

Alabama Hills Boondocking

   In the 1920s Hollywood film makers discovered these beautiful and dramatic rock strewn acres on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevadas  and featured them in 100s of films, mostly westerns. By the 1960s the popularity of cowboy movies had waned but the area is still a good backdrop for commercials and has been used in more recent movies such as Tremors, Gladiator and Star Wars.

  But the best thing is this is all BLM land and therefore is open for 14 days of free camping. There are dozens of beautiful campsites with amazing scenery in all directions.  You might be camping where the Lone Ranger and Silver rode but hopefully not on top of a sand worm tunnel!
 Boondocking      36.60512, -118.12118


  1. Right back up the road a bit is what the military calls Star Wars Canyon it's Rainbow canyon just as u enter Death Valley park. You may have stopped at the Father Crawley overlook.
    Military jets fly low level thru the canyon. They were numerous last Thursday and Friday.
    Search for rainbow canyon aircraft for pics and video.
    And thank you for your blog. My father was in a wheelchair many years and I remember his access problems. We are fulltime since August . Retired after 44 years IBEW. #474
    Thanks again

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment!
    I looked up rainbow canyon. The photos that people took of the jets from the overlook are amazing! I'm sorry that we missed seeing them. It was really windy when we stopped at the overlook (not sure what day) so I didn't even get out of the RV.
    Hope you're enjoying your retirement and fulltiming adventures!

  3. The Alabama Hills is one of our favorite places.
    Sorry we missed you in Death Valley!

    1. This was our first visit. It's as beautiful as everyone says!
      I'm finally feeling good. That was a nasty illness.

  4. Good time of the year with a bit of snow on the all headed north from there???

    1. I think the mountains get a new dusting of snow every night. It sure is pretty.
      We want to be back in Arizona at the end of April so we're making a loop. We'll be going through Nevada and into southern Utah in the next few weeks. I'll be watching your progress on the chance that we'll cross paths somewhere along the way.

    2. Ok. "IF" you happen to do the "Extraterrestrial Highway" in Nevada, be sure to stop in at the Little A'Le'Inn and you 'might' be able to meet my brother Roger or his wife Rochelle. They do have some hookups there for about $12 (water/electric, no sewer at all), and it is an interesting place to stop and have lunch. They will also let you boondock for free. I met the owner once as we passed through, she is real nice too. Just mention you are friends of Roger's brother, it won't hurt ya. :)

    3. Is your brother staying at the park or working at the restaurant? I remember you mentioning that all of your brothers and sisters like to travel and some fulltime but I don't remember the details.

    4. My brother is there just now and then, his wife is there much more often. They actually live in Alta, CA., but they got to know the lady who owns it and they go over to help out a lot...he only when he can get off from his job. EVERYONE there know them both.