Saturday, February 27, 2016

Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art

  We’ve been seeking out the lesser known and little visited sights in Las Vegas. This one was a very pleasant surprise. It’s on the second floor of the Neonopolis mall which is tucked into a corner at the east end of the Fremont Street Experience and is easy to overlook. The museum features changing exhibits of contemporay art. The current exhibit has a wide variety of styles and mediums - beautiful and interesting work but since photography is not permitted all I could get is a photo of the exterior.

  The museum is accessible.

   We’re staying at Main Street Station RV park, within walking distance of the Fremont Street Experience. The casino also has a large parking lot where RVs may be parked for the day.
 Museum          36.17005, -115.1411


  1. Do you like the Main Street Station RV Park?

    1. It's a parking lot but I guess that's true of many RV parks which we usually avoid. The park itself is well cared for and quiet. Stays are limited to two weeks (although I think some people are allowed to stay longer) so there aren't any of the problems like ratty RVs and junk overflowing around the sites like sometimes happens with longer stays.

      Interstate 515 runs along the south edge, elevated above the park but still noisy. It's very convenient to Fremont Street. The Mob Museum, Neon Graveyard, Old Las Vegas Mormon State Historic Park, Las Vegas Natural History Museum and Museum of Fine Art are all within walking distance. The neighborhood going north towards the Neon Graveyard is a bit dicey but we've walked it without any problems.

      If you do gamble at all you might get your stay comped or coupons for free rooms which can be used in the RV park.

      For what it is it's great and we always stay there when we want to visit downtown Vegas.

    2. Oh, and I think the price is still under $20.00.