Thursday, February 25, 2016

National Atomic Testing Museum

  After WWII a 1,360 square mile section of lightly populated Nevada desert was chosen as a safe spot to test nuclear bombs. 100 bombs were detonated with experiments to see how buildings, vehicles and people represented by mannequins would survive a blast. After fallout from the tests was discovered as far away as New York bomb testing went underground.  828 more were detonated until 1992 when all testing was stopped. The area is now used to store nuclear waste and for terrorism training exercises.
The museum has good exhibits, interesting old films including ones made during the tests, and lots of artifacts. A temporary exhibit about Area 51 lacks any real information and is very poorly constructed.

  The museum is accessible however sloped hallways between main exhibit areas make viewing some exhibits awkward. Some of the video screens are hard to see from a seated position.

  The parking lot has long bus/RV spaces. 
   Museum  36.11438, -115.15014

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