Friday, February 19, 2016

Cottonwood Cove Campground

  Cottonwood Cove Campground has two camping areas – a large one above the lake shore (pictured above) and a smaller one close to the lake (pictured below). Both have back in spaces only. The spaces are fairly small but some will accommodate a 35’ RV. The terrain slopes towards the lake and none of the sites are completely level. Amenities include restrooms, a dump station and paved parking pads.

  The smaller camp area has an accessible site that is close to the restroom and has a table with an extended top. Campground   
35.49451, -114.68799 


  1. You guys are super close to me. Any plans on stopping anywhere near? I'm in CA at the moment, but will be leaving for home tomorrow. It'd be nice to meet up and say Hi if the opportunity will be there. If not, no worries.


    1. We'd love to stop and see you. And visit the sanctuary. We're in Vegas now and are planning to go to Death Valley next but if it's too hot by the time we're ready to go there we'll probably head to Utah. In any event we want to be in Snowflake AZ at the end of April so we'll be in this general area for awhile and a trip to Kanab is definitely doable. If you notice we're getting close remind me. Sometimes I'm very forgetful. :-D

    2. That would be great if you guys made it out this way. I just passed you guys tonight on my way back to Kanab after spending almost a week in CA for my nephews bday. Drop me a line on my blog if you're gonna make it.