Sunday, February 21, 2016

Clark County Heritage Museum

  This is a wonderful county museum with a lot of different things to see. The exhibits in the Anna Robert Parks Hall give an overview of the human and natural history of the area. The exhibits outside include a ghost town, a railroad depot with train cars, a group of historic buildings furnished to depict different decades and lifestyles, a wedding chapel, a nature trail, and an outdoor classroom area with a trail. The admission price is only $2.00.
  The exhibit hall is accessible. The ghost town trail is paved. None of the ghost town buildings have ramps but they were all closed so we assume that they are only opened on special occasions. Loose rocky sand makes the nature trail inaccessible. The historic building street is paved and most of the buildings are accessible. One has an awkward ramp and door arrangement. The tourist cottage and trailer are not accessible. The train depot is accessible but the cars are not. The trail in the outdoor classroom area is hard packed finely crushed stone and is accessible.

  The parking lot is large enough for any RV.  Museum  
 36.01017, -114.94518


  1. I may have to check this museum out, before I escape the desert.

    So good to see and hang with you two, for a day! You really brightened my stay in Vegas!

    1. It was great seeing you too Cyndi!
      The museum is definitely worth a visit and you can't beat the admission price!