Monday, February 15, 2016

Avi Casino

  Avi Casino has a KOA RV park but they also allow overnight parking in a large sandy lot. The lot can be pretty crowded in the winter months probably due to a casual attitude about the length of stay – “ Length of stay while not set can be limited at management’s discretion”  No check in is required.
   Follow the painted walkway through the hotel wing to the casino entrance. Loose sand in the lot makes rolling difficult.

  Most of the chairs are fairly easy to move. Some of the machines are the older style with hard to reach ticket and card slots. Casino
35.01831, -114.64147


  1. You're almost in my neighborhood! I'm laid up outside of Vegas until ???

    1. Hope you're feeling better!
      We're on a slow route to Death Valley unless it gets too hot then who knows where. But for now we'll be in Laughlin today and tomorrow, Cottonwood Cove at Lake Mohave, east of Searchlight for a couple of days and then downtown Vegas for three days.

      Do you feel up to company? If yes, let us know where and when. We can adjust our schedule. If you'd rather email here's our address -

    2. Cyndi - my return emails to you keep failing. ?? Anyway we're still here! We spent last night in the Hacienda Casino lot outside of Boulder City. Great view of the lake from a paved walkway along the cliff but kind of noisy because it's right next to the highway. We're planning on going to the Clark County Heritage Museum today then spending the night behind Ballys right off of the strip. We'll be in Vegas at least until Thursday so whenever is good for you. Give us a call 412-370-0567.

  2. Its been about 10 years since we were there Do they still have the 99cent breakfast? But a cup of coffee was also 99 cents.

    1. I didn't see the breakfast advertised anywhere so I guess it's gone. Our last visit was years ago too. It doesn't seem like much else has changed.