Thursday, October 8, 2015

Route 66-Lincoln


  Lincoln, Illinois was the first city to be named after Lincoln. When his friends founded the town he provided legal help and, as an honor to him, they named it Lincoln. The Lincoln Heritage Museum is on the campus of Lincoln College, which was also named after Lincoln.

  The museum provides a good overview of Lincoln and his life but the presentation is a bit creepy. In the main exhibit visitors enter Lincoln's box at Ford theater just before he is shot, then follow his life through a series of darkened rooms that come alive with audio and visual displays. The last room features a death bed scene. The main exhibit is timed with a tour starting every half hour but there are other exhibits to see if have to wait for a tour to start.


  For a less somber experience visit the other big Lincoln attraction in town. A giant Abe on an giant covered wagon!


   Lincoln has lost all of it’s old Route 66 era buildings except for The Mill, which opened in 1929 as a Dutch themed restaurant. The Mill has been empty since 1996 but an effort is being made to save and restore it.




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